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My name is Jérémy. Before, I was a “normal” guy, living in Paris, I studied, got my master degree and found a job. I didn’t know myself until I started photography and travel. I was not happy with this life. Today, I made hundreds portrait of people. I take time to talk and know a part of each stranger I meet. People are the greatest weath we got on hearth. Nowadays we are more and more focused on ourselves so we pass by awesome people, let me tell you their awesome stories thanks to my concept.

Rather than writing lines and lines, let me introduce myself by a « chinese portrait » :

If I were :

A photographer : « The fusion of Lee Jeffries and Robert Doisneau. Lee Jeffries for the power of these portraits, his engagement for the homeless and his post-production’s mastery. Robert Doisneau for the entirety of his work, his scenes of life which only him has the secret to capture and make them alive for us. For his humility and simplicity. »

A photography : « The first that came to my head is the portrait of the Afghan with the greens eyes, took by Steve McCurry. Everything is perfect : light, her face expression, his eyes, the green blackground…»

A wish : « That people take time to talk, to know each other more. That we learn to live together, no matter our differences and beliefs. That human understand he always can learn from his neighbor. »

A dish : « Raclette ! There is nothing better. With good grilled cheese, quality cooked meats, pickles and good wine. That’s a dish we generaly share in family or with his friends, that’s what I like, some good grub and close relation, what else ? »

A motto : « To criticize people, we have to know them, and to know them, we have to love them » Coluche


« Capture the soul of a stranger with a photo portrait and attach it to his « chinese portrait » to reveal his personality »

Meet a stranger, exchange with him, about his life story, his passions, his tastes, his dreams, his desires, his convictions through a Chinese portrait. It allows me to discover the personality of each people who bumped into my path. Then comes the hardest : took the soul, try to make some portraits that bring emotion out, that look hard at you to each eyes meeting. I want to take striking pictures, make some originals Chinese portraits, that make you shiver, fear, laugh, cry , surprise. I want to meet thousands of people to narrate their stories

The best reward for me is you. If you appreciate my work, I invite you to follow me on instagram and Facebook :

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jeremyhouchat/ 

I would like to thanks Alexia and all my friends who trust in me and my project.

Jérémy Houchat