Well, this article is the debut of a long story between me and photography. I started in April 2016. Why I wanted to start ? I don’t really know, I love images, I mean all visuals we can see everyday. I always liked pictures, whatever where they come (ads, photos from facebook, mixtape/album cover, on the internet….so one day I bought a Canon EOS 100d and a 50mm 1.8 and I walked in Paris to meet people and take their portrait.

How I learn ? I read a tons of article on the internet, watch some tutorial on Youtube and buy a lot of books (most of them about portrait). At the beggining I wanted to start a project named “The Forgotten”, about the homeless in Paris. This will not be my first project but I am currently working on it. I started with “La Faune de Paname”. It means “The people of Paris” in slang. I love walking and meeting some strangers and I decided to do two things : make a chinese portrait and their photo portrait.

What the f*** is a chinese portrait ?

Alright, I prefer give you an exemple with my first ever street portrait of my life. I met Alexis at the “Republic Place” when the mouvment “Nuit Debout” was happening. He was playing the guitar with a bench of fellas. He’s from Montréal (love your accent guys if your read me 🙂 ). I was afraid to talk to him, I never did that before but I had to do that, so I did that it !


Alexis – If you were a superhero : “I would be Marthy Mcfly man, he invented skateboarding and rock n’ roll”.

That’s my concept. Photo portrait + chinese portrait. You can check all the portraits I took HERE

Hope you will enjoy, and if you do, that’s will be awesome if you can share my work with your entourage. You are my energy, this project will work if we are all together. It concerns Humans like you, like me.

PS : I’m on Instagram 

Jérémy Houchat




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